New experimental proof: Einstein was wrong!

New experimental proof: Einstein was wrong!

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Leipzig, March 31, 2018

The end of the Relativity theory?

“When the conclusions are confirmed, it concludes the end of Albert Einstein’s formula E=mc2. In that case this formula will end up in the trash bin just as the Relativity theory will.” With these remarkable words W. van den Hagemot cuts the chase, when presenting his new book ‘Licht in zicht’ that will appear in April.

When asked about proving his claim, he smiles: “Would it help if I claim that the Experiment of Michelson en Morley has been solved? Would it make any difference when I tell you that the light postulate of Einsteins has no legitimate foundation? It is all about the presented conclusions. When they are confirmed, this book will shake the whole science tree. But for now it merely lits the fuse, that may come to an overwhelming explosion, or else being kicked out by others or blown out by the wind.  Anything I’ll say about it to now, does not change that reality.

One of the starting points of this book, is the concept that nature tends to be self-revealing. We may think of the most brilliant fantastic theories, and we can drag each other along with it, but on the end of the day it is nature that shows us in plain simplicity how something works; or does not work. Nonetheless this book is directly opposing the ruling scientific concepts. In that respect it is relevant to mention that the ruling scientific magazines  Nature, Science, and Annalen der Physik, showen no interest in the presented result and denied articles on the topic.

But in what part of the ruling theory is your focus. and what is it you are fighting for or against?

Look; this book needs 376 pages to defend that the theories of Einstein are not consistent with the realities shown by nature. But I may giv you some crunches. Aether does exist. Light is a wave, and because the aether does exist, it is al about the smallest particles and the impuls theorem. And within this perspective we come to different trains of thought, and to fresh new conclusions thorugh which the the experiment of Michelson en Morley possibly would no loger support the relativity theory. Even the official international standardmeter might appear to be incorrect. These are natural phenomenons of such a self-revealing character, that each and any physiscian can pass judgements. Gladly I await their findings.

But just for an average interested outsider, are you not able to elaborate a bit more specific?

Of course. In fact, the book is aiming at those average interested readers with some basic understanding of physics. And for them there is a very accessible connection: Einsetins train thought experiment. Everyone knows that one: the speed of light in the train has no difference outside the train. Einstein needs that light speed constancy tosubstantiate his theory. But this book does provide precise description pf the behaviour of the ligt wave on the level of particles, in such a way that indeed the light speed again regains the measured light constancy. As a consequence the foundations of the Relativity theory fall apart, meanwhile completely jeopardizing the famous formula E=mc2.

I don’t quite follow; aren’t you falling back now in generalities?

That depends on the sensitivity of ones ears.  For those familiar with these matters, the implications can be rather striking. And indeed, for those indulged by an ongoing stream of trending topics and striking catastrophees it does not contain any spectaculair effects.

So; we are not to await from you spectaculair news today?

Isn’t it rather spectacular enough if it would appear to be true that the title nails somehow the truth? But alright; as you may wel know, a lot of effords have been taken, to measuring the movement of the earth relative to the aether. I already mentioned the most famous not solved experiment of Michelson and Morley. They were undertaking incredible precise and large and repetitive variants of their experiment, in order to get a grip on the relative movement of the earth.  But we do know as well that there does exist this train thought experiment from Albert Einstein. So, let us now perform together a very simple thought experiment as well: we change the measuring point on the earth by measuring points on a moving train, and then we repeat the Michelson and Morley experiment on a train, using sound and air instead of light and aether. I guarantee you that you will find a most striking result, that the sound wave in the train is just as solid constant as the speed of light is along the surface of the earth. That implies that all we have said and concluded about light, holds true as well when it comes to sound waves and air. Or, differently put, that there must be something profoundly wrong in what we are saying about light.

Now I don’t follow, isn’t the train experiment rather about the comparison with observers next to the train?

So what? What is it that I guaranteed you just before? Let;s answer your question with a counter-question: where exactly are the observers next to the earth in the experiment of Michelson en Morley?! There are none! So, you may write down that Willem van den Hagemot has shown that the Relativity theory holds true as well for sound! With for  the time Beryllium with the maximum sound-wave environment. And for those anxious to know if indeed this is what the book claims: get it and find out for yourself!

Licht in zicht’ appears in the midst of April.

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About the book:

Licht in Zicht (Enlglish edition: “searchlight of the world”)

Willem van den Hagemot

Landfall Publishing Board

ISBN: 978-80-903621-8-5

Paperback, 376 pages

Price: 18,95