April 2018, Licht in zicht!

April 2018, Licht in zicht!

New in April !

LICHT IN ZICHT, about the end of the Relativity Theory

The title is rather self-explaining. This book either is breaking news, or a blunder in its title already. That leaves no  room for alternative interpretations. However, this book does offer quite a lot more than the blunt appearance of its title suggests. Because the theories of Einstein are being discussed form a standpoint and perspective of a genuinely interested non-physician. Therefore, the reader is not only being provided with some major arguments against physicians, but  by doing so he gradually is getting familiar with the reasoning and the logic of the nature of nature itself – where it comes to waves and energy.

Then, would it not be mind-boggling if, in the process, he came to learn about still undiscovered solutions and completely new answers? Like e.g. how the world’s most famous failed experiment (the aether measuring experiment of Michelson & Morley) can be considered and unraveled?! Would the unthinkable come within reach, that the reader is being convinced that the title is right? That indeed it is ‘over and out’ for the Relativity Theory? That would be something!

So actually, there is no choice: this book is a must-read !

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